How does Halloween go from extremely adorable to X-rated in a span of a woman's youth? Even the least suggestive costume ideas are painstakingly sexed up to make October revelers look like polyester loving strippers. Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to show a little (or more) skin, but when you want to be a lobster for Halloween, the first Google search result shouldn't be this gag-worthy crustacean.

One clever Redditor decided to show the world just how horrific the transformation from Dorothy to Sexy Dorothy can be. Compiling costumes of the same generic identities—angel, pirate, devil, nurse, etc.—a post on Reddit reveals how, even from their first costumes, girls are almost conditioned to take on suggestive roles. And when these girls grow up, the costumes available to them become more explicit and comprise of less and less fabric. The comparison between "Baby Angel" and "Angel, Baby" is unsettling enough to make you long for the good old ghost-made-from-a-sheet-with-two-holes getup.

This is how women's Halloween costumes evolve with age from cute to provocative, at least according to the manufacturers. 


[via Reddit]

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