Right in time for the opening of his solo exhibition "Scars and Stripes," street artist D*Face passed through Los Angeles and braved the heat to complete his second mural in the city. 

Rear View, a mural made possible by support from Branded Arts, features a landscape seen through the windshield of a vehicle, presenting the illusion of driving off into that Cali sunset. In the rear view mirror of the vehicle, we see one of D*Face's stylized corpse-like characters. The mural is located on the corner of Pico Boulevard and Federal Avenue in L.A. 

The “Scars and Stripes” exhibition features 30 large-scale portraits, sculptures, and installations both inside and outside the gallery space. The collection plays on D*Face’s narrative style and the imagery of pop art. The show, which opened in late September, is expected to show through the beginning of October. If you’re in the area, check it out at 315 S. Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif.