On September 26, British street artist D*Face (Dean Stockton) will open a pop-up exhibition titled "Scars and Stripes" in collaboration with PMM Art Projects. The show will survey the artist's long career and will also feature 30 new works, including a series of portraits of celebrities who passed away before they were 30 (Tupac, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Biggie Smalls, etc.).

The artist shared his inspirations and for the new work in a press release statement: "Thematically my work always draws upon personal experiences, whether that’s the saturation of media in our lives, our fascination with celebrity and stardom or more singular experiences such as the loss of loved ones. I’m fascinated by, love, loss and the immortalization of celebrities, those that burn bright and die young, whilst their lives are cut short, they never grow old, never loose relevance and retain the spirit of youth forever, it is perfect for our consumer led culture, we get to put them on a pedestal, manipulate their ethos to fit with ours, over and over again, without them even being a part of this reconstruction/deconstruction."

D*Face will also be painting two murals in Los Angeles and will drop two limited edition prints to coincide with the exhibition, which will show through mid-October. For more information, head to the PMM Art Projects website.

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