Damn, I'm seriously up on that Japanese flex today. Is this borderline cultural appropriation? I don't know. Are Four Pins a bunch of culture vultures? Most likely. BUT IT'S NOT OFFENSIVE TO ADMIRE AND DRAW INSPIRATION FROM CULTURES DISSIMILAR TO YOUR OWN. And fuck anyone who says otherwise. On that note, you should open your hearts and minds to these Verginia VAIR suede joints. They are special, like if an Air Force 1 and a Wallabee made sweet unprotected footwear love. What are those wildly irregular 19th Century looking ass soles, you ask? According to the product description, they are "crape." That's definitely a typo LMAO. I'm 1000% sure they mean "crepe," but this should come as no surprise from a brand who spells "Virginia" as "Verginia." In before someone says "orthopedic"!

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