UNIS just beamed us over the first installment of their "Fall Looks" series of lookbooks. This one features their bomb varsities and bombers. Shit, I just realized using the adjective "bomb" probably wasn't the best maneuver, but I already typed it and it's really hard to undo stuff like that. Did you guys know the first time I used caps lock in a post it was by accident and I just didn't feel like changing it? HAHA, YEAH RIGHT, YOU ASSHOLES. ALL OF THIS IS CAREFULLY CALCULATED AND METICULOUSLY PLANNED. We have monthly meetings where we plan out every post six months ahead. Wait, maybe we should have planning meetings. Wait, we do, I just don't work in the office because I'm not that essential. I was actually just at an office-wide meeting at Complex and they had people video conferencing in on that shit and everything. There was even a microphone that was passed around to all the editors who gave the rest of the office an update on what to look for in the coming weeks. When it came to Four Pins, Lawrence was like, "Blah, blah, blah, Fashion Week shit and also Jon Moy is here from Detroit," and, like, 20 people were all, "Oh, that's who that weird dude is." Guys, I had to stand around for an hour before Chris from the James Beard award-winning site First We Feast offered me a seat. LAWRENCE MADE ME SIT IN A CORNER IN JIAN'S OFFICE LIKE I WAS A DUNCE OR SOME SHIT.