Location: Los Angeles
TV Show: American Horror Story: Murder House

The first season of American Horror Story is titled “Murder House” because the plot revolves around the home that the Harmon family moves into, a restored mansion with a troubled past. Production designer Mark Worthington told the Los Angeles Times that the mansion they chose (used for exterior and interior shots for the pilot and then recreated on sound stages) was built in 1910 by Alfred Rosenheim, the President of the American Institute of Architects. There are many styles blended into the architecture, and Worthington says that “contributes wonderfully to the somewhat ominous quality it has.” The 15,000-square-foot, six-bedroom Los Angeles mansion has been on the market several times in the past few years, but buyers didn't seem to be interested in the Tiffany stained-glass windows, Batchelder tile fireplaces, or the fact that the house will be remembered as one of the creepiest addresses in pop culture history.

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