Rick Owens is killing it these days. From his collection with adidas to his incredible Selfridges installation, the man who basically invented street goth has everyone's attention. And good news if you're a fan of fashion's dark prince—you can now wear your heart on your sleeve (and chest) in one of Modern Man's new Rick Owens tees.

Designed in the style of a vintage concert tee, these soft black T-shirts feature several photos of Owens on both the front and the back. The design is accented by his name in fat fonts that are straight out of the '80s. As Modern Man designer Colin Torvino explains, the tees are about showcasing "a symbol of high intellectual property and taste...and applying it to something like a T-shirt that people can afford without losing ingenuity." 

While wearing a celebrity's face on your chest isn't something we'd normally encourage (case in point: the KimYe sweater that is still haunting our dreams), these tees are an exception. Also, if you're a die-hard fan looking for Owens memorabilia, Modern Man's offerings are a much more realistic option than that $15,000 skate deck. The T-shirts retail for $90 on Modern Man's website and exclusively at Fruition Las Vegas.