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If we weren't already dying to travel across the pond to check out the Rick Owens concept store inside Selfridges in London, this latest item might have sealed the deal. Owens has designed a one-of-a-kind skate deck, coined the RICKBOARD.

Growing up surrounded by the vibrant skate culture of California, Owens has previously spoken about his love for the activity: "I love the aesthetic economy and independence of a simple board with wheels and the whole world as an available surface. And the joyful reckless virility of having no rules....The skateboard ramps that I saw in my youth were simple, primitive do-it-yourself landscapes made of curving plywood, often roughly painted black." This perhaps reveals some of his inspiration for the piece, as the deck is painted black and grey with battered details, mirroring the aesthetic that his eponymous clothing line has become known for. 

Brands like Supreme have been creating art out of skate decks for years (KAWS, Damien Hirst and George Condo are just a few of their notable collabs), but the fragile nature of Owens' piece ensures you definitely won't be seeing anyone taking this for a tear at the local skate park anytime soon: a cost of £9,470 (about $15,000) and the distinct instructions not to attach wheels to it makes it clear this is one board that's definitely more of a piece of art than a deck you can actually use to skate. 

Still a dope piece to have in your crib, though—if you have the cash. 

[via Highsnobiety]