What O'Neill and Pendleton Woolen Mills have in common is a history of keeping people warm. Where O'Neill did their bit for surfers in the water, pioneering insulationary wetsuits, Pendleton Woolen Mills has 150 years of on-land insulation experience.

For Fall/Winter 2014, the two brands have united, taking aspects of both their pasts and bringing them together to create their collaboration, which features a jacket, a shirt, a crewneck and a T-shirt, alongside accessories like a hat, and a backpack.

The O’Riginals Penwool Jacket features a two-tone, fabric mix outer, featuring Pendleton wool in the body and liner alongside additional Thinsulate protection. The blue plaid inside the hood is central to the collaboration and carries over into the O’Riginals Penwool shirt – the classic '60s boardshirt executed in signature Pendleton style, as well as the rest of the collection.

The collection is available now from selected UK stockists including Cooshti, with the release timed to coincide with the Fall equinox as the nights—and the cold—start closing in.

Check out more images of the collection below.