Last month, we wrote about Miley Cyrus' experiments in arts and crafts that she was sharing all over her Instagram. What initially appeared to be highly detailed raving jewelry and masks are now going to be accessories on models at Jeremy Scott's spring/summer 2015 show at New York Fashion Week. Scott hinted at their NYFW collaboration on the VMA red carpet last month, but few could have guessed that her late-night hobby would be hitting the runway. Additionally, sculptures made by Miley will go on view at the V Magazine offices' gallery at 11 Mercer Street starting September 11. 

In a cover interview for V's "Rebel Issue," Miley discussed the thought process behind the pieces, which range from leis to a mask and are made from colored cotton balls, vibrators, fake hair, USB drives, joints, fan gifts from shows, and selfies. When Jeremy Scott saw them at her 4th of July party, they talked and decided to collaborate for his S/S 2015 show. He tells V, “I love that there’s a DIY feel to the sculptures, which is a part of the look of the show. I want it to be less about a model army and more about a group of cool, individualized people hanging out together.”

Miley added that Todd James, the artist who designed the bears for her 2013 VMA performance, has been teaching her and helping her finish up the pieces. She says, "He involves sex in his pieces in a really cool way, which is what I want to do. I feel there’ s something fairly sexual here, besides just the dick. There’s something sexy about the masks. They’re a little fucked up and childish. Todd kind of did that for me, turning me into an adult baby."

No matter the reaction to Miley's amalgamation of art pieces, it's clear that this is a healthy outlet for her. Even if she says, "I just sit around and smoke weed anyway, so I might as well sit around, smoke weed, and do something," she also explains how her art-making has made her happy. 

At the beginning of this year, I hated 2014 because everything that could go wrong kept going wrong. Being in the hospital, my dog dying...Everything just kept shitting on me and shitting on me. So then I started taking all of those shit things and making them good, and being like, I’m using it. My brother and my friends all said that’s what they felt I was doing. So, that’s how I started making art. I had a bunch of fucking junk and shit, and so instead of letting it be junk and shit, I turned it into something that made me happy.

Last night, Scott Instagrammed one of Miley's sculptures with the caption, "WORKN LATE NIGHTS ON THE COLLECTION W MY LOVES," so it's definitely still happening. Jeremy's show is on September 10 at Milk Studios.

[via V Magazine]