According to New York Magazine, Miley Cyrus was spotted out recently with a custom scrunchie in her hair, which resembles other crafty accessories now flooding her Instagram profile. Unless you're a girl in middle school or the type of person who attends Electric Zoo, you probably wouldn't recognize that the bracelets and other beaded accessories are a part of the confusing "loom" culture. 

Cheong Choon Ng of Michigan invented the Rainbow Loom in 2011, and the music festival world has not been the same since. This specific type of crafting has even managed to creep into the fashion industry. While we don't know all of the lingo and specifics of the culture, we're not sure that Miley does either. In a recent IG post, she misspelled "loom" as "lume." One fan attempted to correct her but was quickly shot down by another Smiler.

Given the mountains of arts and craft supplies that she has at her disposal and her party girl reputation, it's possible that Miley is really inspired by rave culture and fell in love with all of the rainbow vomit associated with it. But it's also possible that this is another way to connect with her young fans.

Perhaps further inspired by a creative impulse, Miley also recently took up tattooing during a visit with celebrity inker Bang Bang. Hopefully her two new hobbies never mix because the possibilities are terrifying.

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