Larose Paris makes some of our favorite hats the world over and their F/W 14 collection has a little something something for everyone. Me? Shotty the green wool baseball cap. In the words of our buddy Nick Grant via Gchat, "it is FYE" (caps lock the author’s own). I actually don't have much to say here other than these hats are just really nice as per usual. Wondering where you can get your hands on such nice hats? Click here and check out all the stockists, guys. Man, I want to live in France for a little bit at some point. I mean, instead of "stockists," I'd get to write "points de vente." That sounds so fucking classy. I realize it only sounds classy because I don't speak French and, if I did, it would sound exactly like "stockists" to me, but that's the beauty of language, you assholes.