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Outside the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth stands a 67-foot-tall metal sculpture by Richard Serra titled Vortex. The sculpture features several pieces of COR-TEN steel that form a tunnel in the center big enough for people to fit inside and do questionable things, though that probably wasn't the artist's intention.

Artist and all-around badass Kenny Scharf was in Fort Worth recently and decided to use the sculpture as his personal smoke room. He crawled inside with a long orange bong and enjoyed what we assume was an illegal substance.

Scharf posted the photo above to Instagram with the caption "Inside/outside tall bong/tall sculpture Richard Serra outside Ft Worth moma." Possession of marijuana is still frowned upon in Texas (for now), but breaking the law has never stopped the artist before. In the past, he's been arrested for writing graffiti in Brooklyn. We're willing to bet that he wasn't the first to, as Artnet phrased it, make an "adequate hotbox" out of Serra's sculpture, but this photo will probably result in a lot more people doing it in the near future.

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