A Texas man who allegedly left his weed in a Denver hotel room literally paid for it. 

According to the New York Daily News, a man who chose to identify himself only as "Louis" said he was charged $200 by the Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek for leaving his stash behind while he was in town for a snowboarding trip. 

The man told the Denver Post that he wasn't about to bring it on the plane with him, so he elected to stay on karma's good side and leave it behind. Wrong move.

"They give you those cylindrical green jars, and I left about a half an eighth and another little bag, maybe a half a gram. It was sealed," he told the Denver Post. "I figured I'd leave it behind on the desk in case the maid wanted it. You know, positivity."

After noticing the charge on his bank account, he called the hotel and was told it was for smoking in his room. He countered by saying he only smoked outside, and after complaining on Twitter, hotel brass stepped in and Louis was refunded. 

Who knew it would be so difficult to smoke weed in a state where weed is legal? This is a reminder to never leave it behind as a kind gesture.

[via New York Daily News and Denver Post

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