The Gentry fam let us take a look at their newest editorial featuring everyone's favorite Japanese brand that we can't really afford or figure out how to style on our own bodies in a flattering manner: Needles. Entitled "Just Kids," the editorial…you know what? Just click through and look at the fucking pictures, man. That's the entire fucking point of a fashion editorial. If you want descriptive paragraphs of images that your eyeballs are already looking at, you're too lazy for me. Although, I will say this editorial is moody as fuck, all dark and brooding with muted backdrops and a little bit of haze. Don't you guys wish you could hang out in a moody loft, all slumped and slouchy, draped in Japanese finery? Damn, here I was taking a stand against describing shit for you douchebags and then, not a sentence later, caved and just described it smfh. I really gotta stick to my guns more.