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Did you guys know this past week was not just a normal week, but Fashion Week in New York City? I KNOW, IT'S LIKE NO ONE WAS EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT. Well, thank Yahweh I'm here to wrap everything up like a neat, steezy little package and give you fuccbois some closure on the S/S 15 shows. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, THEY INVITED ME BACK FOR A THIRD TIME, MOTHERFUCKERS. I don't know why my editors think it's a good idea to continually be seen with me in public or who convinced various PR companies that I need to be in attendance at their clients' very costly, very important fashion shows, but you can bet your very last fucking jawn that I'm gonna become a fixture of the New York fashion scene despite living in fucking Detroit. IS IT 'CAUSE A BLOGGER HANDSOME AND WEALTHY? Probably not, but maybe.