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J. Crew is really out here killing shit. You ever have a lame friend and/or acquaintance that always bit your steez, but you never worried about it because they did it in kind of a crappier, cheaper way that was really evident to everyone around you? But then, like, 3 years later you see them and they are actually sort of fucking killing it? J. CREW JUST DID THAT TO EG AND JUNYA SO HARD WITH THIS JACKET. I mean, this shit has a pocket on the collar! Granted, it's $400, so it's not exactly cheap, but it's still probably a little cheaper than other jackets like it. Mr. Porter recommends you wear this over a henley or a printed shirt, which seems like an odd suggestion since no one should ever wear henleys and no one will care about your shirt when you have on the most fire jacket J. Crew has ever made.