Goodhood and Norse Projects collabo'd on this wool felt traveler's hat. A lot of you are probably on the fence about hats like these. Like, you don't want all the stupid basics to make outdated Pharrell hat jokes and you also don't need stupid drunk thots at bars asking to try on your hat without permission like they think this shit is just some accessory from Forever 21. I remember this one time, some fucking friend of a friend was like, "Let me try on your grandma shawl. I can pull it off better than you can." And I was like, "You better shut the fuck up. You can't even pull off that bootleg Zara wannabe alphet you're trying to make work. Give me that tulip skirt and you'll see how that shit was meant to be worn." Okay, fine, I didn't say anything, but I also didn't let her try on my shawl because it was kind of expensive and drunk girls who buy Forever 21 and Zara aren't allowed to even try on nice things at bars.