It’s a big deal to declare someone “the next” Picasso or Warhol or Banksy, a claim probably best left to overzealous parents talking about their child’s scribbles as they tape them to the fridge. Artists work hard to make a name for themselves, not just to be called someone else’s name. However, acknowledging parallels between younger and established artists can still be a useful tool to navigate the vast ocean that is the art world.

We’ve put together the following list of younger or emerging artists who may share aesthetic, technical, or conceptual concerns with art celebrities, masters, and OGs, but may also update, interrogate, or diverge entirely from other aspects of their predecessors' work. If there’s no compelling case for influence, ancestry, or even for further comparison between any pair, at least there’s awesome art on both sides of the equation. Here are 15 artists you might know, and 15 more that you might want to get to know.