The World's Most Expensive Apartment Is this $400 Million Dollar Super Penthouse in Monaco

You can work for 300 lifetimes and still not be able to afford this luxury penthouse in Monaco.

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If you were to combine the sale prices of Rick Ross' mansion in Atlanta, Eddie Murphy's vista in Granite Bay, Dr. Dre's new spot in Los Angeles, and Prince's magical home in Spain, you still wouldn't have nearly enough to afford this insane apartment in Monaco. The city is opening its first skyscraper in 30 years, so of course they had to go big. When completed, the Odeon Tower will be 170 meters tall and will include the world's most expensive apartment, a 38,000-square-foot "Sky Penthouse" with a price tag of $400 million.





According to Yahoo! Homes, the current price tag of the penthouse is almost twice that of the current record holder, a unit in London's One Hyde Park that sold for $223 million to some Ukrainian steel baron. You're probably wondering what $400 million can get you in Monaco, and the answer is pretty much everything. The penthouse has five levels (each with its own kitchen, of course), a water slide, infinity pool, and lots of other stuff that we are too poor to know about. The brochures alone for the development cost the company $1000 each to produce. As developer Niccolo Marzacco told Challenges, "A property like this one is bought, it is not sold​."








For those of you who only understand numbers: this apartment is almost $11,000 per square foot. Or, in GIF terms...


[via Yahoo! Homes]

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