If you haven't heard of TRNK, the men's lifestyle site dedicated to great-looking homes, the men who put them together, and some of the coolest stuff for guys with an eye for good design, then consider this your late pass. Founded by Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemechek, TRNK beautifully documents the well-edited abodes, workspaces, and stores of guys with great taste.

Now they're giving you the opportunity to buy everything from indigo throw pillows to vintage Eames loungers on their webshop, The TRNK Store, which just launched today. For guys that are new to the whole interior design thing, or just want a few pointers on how to turn your house into a home worth bragging about, TRNK co-founder Tariq Dixon drops these ten easily-digestible nuggets of wisdom on the basics. Here's what you should know about interior design.