Remember when it was almost too easy to clown Drake on the style tip back in the day? Dude anti-flourished in everything from sweaters Mr. Rogers would curve to random style risk pieces that ultimately failed on sight. Welp, as The Boy comes to terms with being the guy in rap right now, so too has his style matured to match his status. No peacocking in Vegas or pauseworthy V-necks at awards shows.

Drizzy's been on a mostly achromatic wave with a steady stream of all black and/or white fits since 2013, and the style layups have carried over into the new year. He's also becoming known for rocking names that only men's style die-hards can recognize.Moreover, part of putting his team on has involved repping very hard for his homie OB O'Brien's TOPSZN movement. More often than not Drake's been killing it in his own brand, with fly OVO/SZN gear that's lowkey must-cop even if you could care less about their clique.