Remember when you could just throw a five-pack of Hanes T-shirts into your cart and call it a day? Those white tees were the foundation of your wardrobe, peeking out as an under-layer during hot summer days, or standing on their own as a reliable and stylish choice no matter what the season.

From T-shirts to hoodies to sweatpants, basics have always been the bastard stepchild of the men's style game. Sure, they were always around, but no one really ever paid much attention to them. Now, however, brands are realizing that smart men will take the time to give serious thought and attention to these essentials. Tees, mid-weight layers, sweatpants, etc. are all getting a treatment that allows them to still serve as a foundational piece for a unique look, but now they're strong enough to really fill out an entire wardrobe without looking like you're always headed to the gym.

Designers are changing the way we think about basics by using the type of fabrics, factories, and details to warrant price tags that are distant from a fresh set of Hanes. Before all you had to do was decide between a three-pack and a five-pack; now there are split hems, rugged hardware, custom-knit fabrics, extreme eco-friendliness, and a dedication to the basics genre that's resulted in leaps and bounds in quality. While a regular white tee is never a bad choice, these 10 Brands Are Evolving the Basics Game​.

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