Even with a quick glance at Poesia and Raptuz's works, you can immediately tell that the two graffiti writers are vastly different artists who use distinct techniques to portray differing subjects. While Raptuz tends to portray iconic figures and objects, Poesia is more invested in the act of painting his abstract, subject-less canvases. Nonetheless, the two do have something in common.

It's that they're both breaking down the things they're trying to portray. Just as Raptuz's paintings show abstractified football players, Poesia's compositions are in fact de-compositions of letters. That's what inspired their upcoming "Deconstructions" show at Nina Torres Fine Art in Miami. The exhibition will feature mostly all new works by the two prolific artists. It will open July 18 and run though July 31, which is a short period of time, so be sure to stop by the Miami gallery.

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