The community of KanyeToThe—hands down the number one Kanye West-dedicated forum across the Internets—can offer an endless mine of insight on all things Yeezy: new album rumors, rare anecdotes and factoids about his music both old and new, and speculation on his next career moves. It's also full of hilarious members who provide great color commentary and reactions to information posted, and as it goes with any forum, funny threads that veer off-topic.

One such thread from last week is so good it's worth sharing here—even if it's obviously too good to actually be true; it's clearly a trolling of KTT users. It starts with a Yeezus disciple lamenting his upcoming job at McDonald's, where the daily work uniform doesn't quite scream "Yeezy Taught Me."

After a few pages worth of back and forth, the fast food swag lord to be settled on these pants and shoes to make his McCypher complete and keep all eyes on him instead of those delicious fries and McFlurrys.

And then this happened, because of course:

Being fresh to death can be literally hazardous. Approach the work environment with caution, swag lords.

Read all seven pages of the hilarious thread, which includes quotables like "life is a fashion show homie" here.

[via KTT]