As graffiti is becoming more and more mainstream, even celebrities are picking up cans of spray-paint to cover walls in halfhearted characters and amateur tags. Justin Bieber, Kelly Osbourne, and now Macklemore have all been part of this trend. And they've all shared photos of their artistic experiments on Instagram.

Before playing his biggest show yet (with a crowd of 37,000) at Dublin's Marlay Park last week, Macklemore was invited by The Bernard Shaw, an Irish bar, to graffiti on their walls. As his Instagram followers have pointed out, the nose on Macklemore's piece bears a strong resemblance to some of Picasso's Cubist subjects.

The Bernard Shaw happens to be the sister bar of the Twisted Pepper, the first venue Macklemore ever performed in. It seems like he wanted to commemorate this "homecoming" with some graffiti. Below his piece, he spray-painted, "Macklemore, 37,000, Marlay Park, Dublin 2014."

Like his fellow celebrities, Macklemore painted with permission on a legal space. He then posted the finished product on his Instagram feed. Both Bieber and Osbourne did the same after their graffiti exploits. Are celebrity graffiti parties and subsequent social media bragging a rising trend? We hope not. If the rich and famous are trying to establish street cred and their disregard for authority, this is the least effective way imaginable. To give Macklemore credit, at least his graffiti wasn't a racist Samo character.

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