It seems there truly is a Tumblr for everything. "Art From Sex Tapes" consists of exactly what the name suggests. Its creators, Cecilia Azcarate, Nick Luckett, and Esteban Gonzalez, revisited some well-known sex tapes and took screen shots of the artwork found in the smutty videos, compiling them into a Tumblr. Yes, Kim Kardashian's sex tape is included in this random compilation, too.

Azcarate, Luckett, and Gonzalez have reformatted the images to look like abstract works of digital art and even set them inside frames. Except for a landscape painting found in Kim and Ray J's homemade film, the rest of the canvases and photos featured on the site are pixelated and unrecognizable. Nevertheless, it's an interesting, albeit weird project that spotlights something those watching dirty videos normally wouldn't even notice. Click through to "Art From Sex Tapes" to see the other NSFW images. 

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