If you're going to buy a yacht, you might as well go for the one that gets you the most attention.

A new set of six superyachts by Russian designer Vasily Klyukin puts all other forms of sea travel to shame. His over-the-top designs are for people who have no shame in flaunting their wealth. From a boat designed like the Manhattan skyline to one with wings and the neck of a white swan, Klyukin's boats are impossible to miss.

While his boats come in many shapes and gargantuan sizes, our favorite is the one modeled after a Mondrian painting, which measures 65 meters long and has four decks. "The simple shapes and colors are actually very difficult to combine beautifully. However, this concept shows how—without changing the classical shape of the yacht—you can make your boat quite different from the others, with only the help of angles and colors," Klyukin told Designboom of his nautical creation.

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[via Designboom