The most creative music videos produced this month are so visually tantalizing, you'll want to touch them. Using explosions of color, varying textures, and impressive lighting, these videos take the form to the next level. Some use patterns and vibrant hues to draw viewers in while others, like JJ's "All White Everything," rely on the absence of color to create a narrative. From dark warehouses to the blazing desert sun, these videos traverse every landscape and atmosphere to dream up something entirely new.

In fact, across the board, dreamscapes play a big role in this month's videos. Many use surreal images, strange sequences, and eerie characters to suggest that you are watching someone's dream—or nightmare. There's also a strong theme of insanity running through this list. Both Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug and JJ's music videos portray insane asylums. With such a leap from the everyday, these videos keep us on edge. Check out the incredible work in the genre produced this month with The Most Creative Music Videos of June 2014.

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