Joanna Ebenstein's "Morbid Anatomy Library, a collection of over 2,000 books on "medical history, death rituals, and the human body," have been translated into a non-profit museum that opened its doors to the public this weekend in Brooklyn as an institution "dedicated to the exhibition of artifacts and ideas which fall between the cracks of high and low culture, art and science, beauty and death."

The Morbid Anatomy Museum is located on 3rd Avenue in a 4,200-square-foot space that used to be a Gowanus nightclub named Ultraviolet. The three-floor museum features exhibition spaces, a library, classroom, cafe, and a gift shop. The first exhibition, showing now through December 3, is titled "The Art of Mourning" and borrows pieces from the private collections of Ebenstein, Evan Michelson (of Oddities), photographer Stanley Burns, and various others. 

For more information on this unique new Brooklyn destination, head to the Morbid Anatomy Museum's website.

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[via Artnet]