If you're a budding art student who is craving direction during the summer months away from the studio, you may want to check out @artassignbot on Twitter. Created by artist and programmer Jeff Thompson, the Art Assignment Bot generates random projects based on words found in real art assignments.

In an interview with Creator's Project, Thompson said that the topics for the assignments are "pulled from canonical art school projects and what I see as over-generic or overused art themes (home, family, memory)," as well as a few bonus topics like "war," "glitch," and "cats on the internet." The bot he created puts the assignments together, so they often make very little sense (just like in real art school). The unique assignments are tweeted hourly, and will continue to do so until "the Twitter servers are down for good, or until after the bot generates 90,345,024 assignment ideas," which would take roughly 10,000 years.

We included a few of our favorite assignments above, but there are already over 3,000 to choose from. Have at it!

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[via Artnet]

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