Designers are strange, mysterious, and sometimes bizarre group of people. The saying goes that there’s a fine line between genius and insanity. And when you’re creating dope ass clothes, you have to be a little crazy to make something nobody has dared to make. Just take this latest interview with Cav Empt’s designer Sk8thing for example.

SHOWStudio recently linked up with the brand on a small capsule collection—and managed to interview the mysterious designer. In one of the strangest interviews we’ve seen to date, the designer—face and hands all covered up—explains his secretive nature, which he says first started with his connection to Phantom of the Opera as a child. What might also catch you off-guard in this 15-minute interview is the way that he’s also trying to conceal his voice.

Check out the interview above, and re-watch once you’re over done getting over the sound of his voice. Thankfully, there are subtitles. 

[via SHOWstudio]