Damn, soccer players really like embroidering the names of their kids and their own names on their cleats. I'm actually super down with your kid's names on your cleats because, like, that's mad cute and endearing. Do you guys remember when Adidas came out with those Predator cleats with the crazy rubber outer that was supposed to make, like, your strikes harder and your crosses crispier? I was like, "MOM AND DAD, IF YOU DON'T BUY ME THOSE SHOES THAN I'LL NEVER MAKE THE NATIONAL YOUTH SQUAD." Thankfully, my parents didn't respond with the ill slander like, "ACTUALLY, IF YOU DON'T MAGICALLY GET 1000% MORE ATHLETIC BEFORE YOU TURN 18, YOU'LL NEVER MAKE THE NATIONAL YOUTH SQUAD." That woulda crushed ya boy's confidence and sense of self-worth at too early an age. Parents gotta let that shit happen on its own, ya know?