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You guys know what I like even more than fashion? IVY LEAGUE MFA GRADUATE STUDENTS MAKING ART WITH HIGH-FASHION. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR PHRASES LIKE "HIGHLIGHTING DICHOTOMIES" AND "PLAYING WITH PERCEPTIONS AND PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS." Right, so, The Cut sent a bunch o' couture up to Yale for some photography nerds to play around with. I'm not going to critique or really share my thoughts on the actual work itself because an individual's relationship with art, while not a binary, is personal and applicable only to the very specific circumstances and experiences of their individual life. PSYCH! I BARELY PAID ATTENTION IN ART HISTORY CLASS BECAUSE I ONLY TOOK IT IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE MY GIRLFRIEND AT THE TIME WANTED TO. BUT THEN SHE CHEATED ON ME AND I KNOW ERNEST SAID THAT IT'S MADE ME A BETTER MAN AND ALL THAT, BUT I WAS LIKE, "FUCK THIS. I'M ON AIRPLANE MODE RIGHT NOW, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF EASTERN ASIAN ART. MY GIRL CHEATED ON ME WITH A GUY FROM THE FUCKING LAME FRAT. THE. LAME. FRAT." So now all I know is chiaroscuro and maybe, like, pointillism?