As a celebration of the city's "most fascinating," L.A. Weekly produces an annual "People" issue with artists, actors, athletes, and other notable figures who have made significant contributions to the culture of Los Angeles. For the People 2014 issue, a few of 60 people chosen also got to grace the cover, including street artist Allison "Hueman" Torneros.

Hueman was photographed by Ryan Orange in front of one of her murals, giving a badass snarl similar to her Beast painting for the cover of LA Canvas magazine (Nick Young, Jimmy Kimmel, and others also got one of the 5 special covers for the issue). In her interview for the issue, Hueman spoke about being a woman in street art and how the demographics have changed since she was a young fan of the culture around Oakland and San Francisco. "For me, the murals are about scale, visibility, independence and ambition, just like everyone else," she says of the topic of gender. "I remember being, like, 17 years old and posting on MySpace -  yes, MySpace -  'Where can I buy spray caps?' and all these dudes being so, like, 'Oh how cute, little lady!' But these days, it's they who follow me!" 

Hueman has a solo show coming up in June at Hollywood's Project Gallery titled "Between the Lines." For more information about her work, check out her website here.

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