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Everyone already knows that the Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket was the OG grail parka for us all. In fact, there was a Charlotte Hornets something in every American classroom in the '90s. With the Bobcats announcing that they are returning to the original Hornets name and mascot, Buzzfeed dove into the history of the classic color scheme and design. SHIT WAS FANCY AS FUCK. Did you know that Alexander Julian, the guy who brought argyle to UNC, designed the now iconic uniforms, with knitted stripes and multi-color trims, and the mascot was conceptualized and built by JIM HENSON'S FUCKING DAUGHTER? YEAH, THE PROGENY OF THE CREATOR OF KERMIT MADE THAT SHIT. NO WONDER KIDS LOVED IT. The best part about this article though is the realization that Alexander Julian might have one of the strongest quotes in fashion designer history with his explanation as to why in lieu of payment he just asked for five pounds of Carolina barbeque each month: "An extra hundred grand didn't mean anything to me in those days, and barbeque did." DAMN, I WISH I COULD HAVE HUNG OUT AND DONE DRUGS WITH YOU, ALEXANDER JULIAN. A HUNNID GRAND AIN'T NOTHIN!