As a part of "Kate Moss Month" project, photographer Nick Knight has been posting photos and GIFs that he took of the model over the years to his SHOWStudio Tumblr. Recently, Knight went way back and started posting images of Moss taken during their first photo shoot together in 1995.

The then 21-year-old model was already seven years into her career and had, as Knight mentions in a post, "arguably the most famous face in the world." The photographer also says that the images are from a film made during that sitting that was shot with security cameras, "just as they were appearing, uninvited, and becoming a permanent part of all our lives." He adds that he "wanted to use this obsessive new language of the security camera, (not so dissimilar from that of the voyeur, the fan, the stalker, the fashion photographer) to make some comment on the abstract nature of the frame."

Check out a few of the GIFs below and head to Knight's Tumblr for more "Kate Moss Month" photos.

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[via Tumblr]