Anachronorm had these nerd glasses made by BuddyOptical in Japan. Budd Optical's mission is to create quality eyewear to "…be your best friend." And when you think about it, eyeglasses are your best friend. That is, assuming you can't see very well. If you out here floating through life with 20/20 vision go look at some dope sunglasses or something. I still remember life before I got glasses. SHIT WAS WAY MORE DIFFICULT. OBVI I COULDN'T CATCH THE BALL EVERY TIME, DAD. I COULDN'T EVEN SEE MORE THAN, LIKE, 4 FEET IN FRONT OF ME. I remember talking to one of my friends about our lives pre-corrected vision and he was like, "I just thought that air was thick." I always just assumed human beings couldn't see that well, which is why we were always getting eaten by bears and wolves and shit back in the day. PARENTS, GET YOUR KIDS' VISION SCREENED OR ELSE THEY'LL COME UP WITH WEIRD PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC THEORIES TO EXPLAIN WHY THE BLACKBOARD IS SO FUCKING FUZZY.