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So the issue of men wearing skirts has people feeling some type of way. Hearing that hundreds of French kids are wearing them for a good reason might initially make you giggle, but when you hear why they did it, you're more likely to praise this move.

To protest sexism, students from 27 schools in the French city of Nantes showed up to school wearing skirts. This was all part of the “Lift the Skirt” campaign, which fights for gender equality in the French school system.

The protest sparked after a report published in Le Figaro newspaper last year revealed the inequality in treatment between boys and girls. The education ministry found that boys are “treated in a preferential manner” while girls are “naturally responsible and ready to help."

As a result, hundreds of voluntary participants bared their legs. Others opted to wear a red sticker that read, "I am fighting against sexism, are you?" Being that kids now are tech savvy, plenty of pictures of students in skirts were shared on Twitter, some of which you can see below. How about a slow hand clap for these dudes?

[via Policymic]