Drake spent nearly three months on the road late last year, trekking across the country on his Would You Like A Tour? Hopefully, you were lucky enough to catch him perform. But if not, you can still buy merchandise from the show.

Drizzy just dropped all new gear, some of which resemble what the rapper wore onstage, on his OctobersVeryOwn blog. There are snapbacks, tees, and hoodies with all things OVO and, well, Drake—the owl and "TOP SZN." There's even a graphic of a rose with a tear drop that, to be honest, reminds us of Beauty and the Beast. And if you saw Drake tease the "East End" and "West End" snapback back in January, then you're in luck as those are now available. Hit up the OVO web shop before what you want sells out. 

[via OctobersVeryOwn]

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