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Brookyln-based artist Ariana Page Russell has a rare skin disorder called dermatographic urticaria, (also known as dermographism or "skin writing") which causes her skin to become inflamed when touched. The artist decided to use the disorder to her advantage, creating a unique photo series titled "Skin" that involves decorative patterns and typography made of welts on her arms, legs, stomach, and chest.

In an interview, Ariana explained that the process is painless and that once drawn, she has about 30 minutes to take the photographs before the drawings disappear. She also said that she wants her work to show people that "having a skin condition doesn't make you a freak, and that it's possible to find inspiration and grow from your flaws." 

To spread the word about dermograpism, Russell says she is building a community on her SkinTome blog. The blog features facts about the condition as well as first-hand accounts and similar art projects from those with the disorder. To learn more and to see more of Russell's work (skin-related and otherwise), head to her website here.

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