Well, Cara Delevingne (and other females with thick-ass awesome brows) is inspiring women to get eyebrow implants.

According to Dr. Robert Dorin, a NYC hair restoration specialist who has been performing the procedure for 12 years, there's "a significant increase" in patients (often women who have over-groomed) asking for the brow-targeted implant.

The treatment is a technically-demanding procedure, says Dr. Dorin, and an extension from hair restoration surgery on the scalp. It involves artistically designing the eyebrow position and filling in with single and double hair grafts. Once the treatment is over, the hair is expected to regrow in two to three months, and will begin to look fuller in six to seven months (though it may take 10 to 12 months for full development). The process is not reversible.

We know women hold their brows to high regards—just ask your sister, girlfriend, and lady friend—but wow. Whatever, as long as they're not going all out like this dude. Yikes.

[via Oh No They Didnt!]