Tinder is great for hooking up, but not the best if your basis of attraction is more complicated than proximity. If an interest in art is important to you in a mate, then Tinder Girls Posing at LACMA will help you swipe right.

The Tumblr sorts through the ladies of Tinder whose profile pictures were taken at Los Angeles' contemporary art museum. Many pose in front of Chris Burden's Urban Light. Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer and Jesús Rafael Soto’s Penetrable are also popular spots for sexy #artselfies.

Jake, the creator of Tinder Girls Posing at LACMA, explains how he came up with the idea for his Tumblr:

I swiped passed dozens of instances of girls posing at LACMA before I even began capturing them, but always took notice. I was struck by it as both an artist and a comedian. Do all of these girls think they are taking a unique picture? They couldn't possibly, right? But what if they do?  Do they think that posing with art tells men something about them? Will it increase their chances of getting laid by proving they're both quirky and cultured? In my opinion, it cheapened both the art and the girl. 

There's also a version focused on men called Tinder Guys Posing With Art. This Tumblr pairs the profile pictures of art-loving Tinder users with the actual art pieces that appear in their photos.

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