While we all strive to emulate the style of our favorite style icons, at one point we must come to grips that there is a disconnect between the realities of their lives and of ours. Case in point: Steve McQueen destroyed speed limits and charmed the pants off of half of Hollywood's leading ladies, but a steady diet of moto jackets and rakish tuxedos might be a little excessive for your date tonight at KFC. Likewise, you’ll probably get fired if you start wearing a white tee to work at all times and/or smoking cigarettes in the office a la everyone’s favorite Rebel Without A Cause.

However, when you do get to dole out invites with that sacred “Black Tie Optional” printed on the front, you’re suddenly gifted a chance to live that life (or at least dress like it). No day is more opportunistic than your wedding day, on which you will not only call your own style shots but the style shots of everyone in attendance. Note: your wife-to-be might have something to say about that last sentence.

While we realize that incessantly worrying about looking like your favorite celebrity on the big day is probably a strong sign that you’re nowhere near marriage, MR PORTER has you covered if you’re looking to swipe the (in)famous wedding style of our most celebrated sartorial icons. It’s your call: go with the DGAF attitude of John Lennon’s spontaneous Gibraltar union with Yoko, the British country class of Sir Michael Caine, or dress like the King himself (no not LeBron). They’ll also set you up with some foolproof tips on looking right at anyone’s big day.

And if you really can't think about wifing anyone just yet, there are still some things you can learn for the next formal event you have to attend.

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