Hey dudes, if you were a successful creative director at a huge cosmetics company, lived in the suburbs with your kids and commuted to NYC every morning, would you wake up at 4am so you could paint and draw and post it on Instagram? YEAH, ME NEITHER. WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY? WHO HAS THIS MUCH ENERGY? ONE TIME I BABYSAT A FRIEND'S KID AND AFTER THREE HOURS I ALMOST DROP KICKED THAT LITTLE BASTARD ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUTTA MY AUTOMOBILE BECAUSE I WASN'T ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO THE EXPLICIT VERSIONS OF MY FAVORITE SONGS.

Anyways, if you're curious, the guy in question is Donald Robertson and his 'Gram handle is DonaldDrawbertson GET IT? Anyways, homeboy's sketches of, like, Anna Wintour with a giraffe in her office and stuff sells for upwards of $2,200 and gets regrammed by gawds like Jenna Lyons. And, although people have been calling him a "modern day Andy Warhol," Donald is kind of prickly about that comparison, saying, "People say I am reminiscent of Andy Warhol because he started as an illustrator and then transitioned into art. I am kind of in that position now. Andy’s output was maybe monthly. I like putting out three or four things a day." Then he throws even more shade at Andy by likening his works more to Wes Anderson and Damien Hirst, claiming that "Warhol felt very computer-y and silk screen-y and almost a bit colder." YEAH, TOTALLY, 'CAUSE PUTTING YOUR SHIT ON INSTAGRAM ISN'T "COMPUTER-Y" AT ALL, DRAWBERTSON. Just because you painted Kanye and Kim and our anointed overlord North on the cover of Vogue "months" before it was officially announced doesn't mean you can compare yourself to Andy motherfucking Warhol. You catch one Carine Roitfeld regram and, just like that, we've created a monster.