Gisele Bündchen isn't just any ol' half-dollar in a sea of dimes supermodel—she's also the highest paid stunner walking the runway. But you already know that, because she regularly tops all kinds of model money figure lists, and if the reports are correct she's the top breadwinner in a household that also includes superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

But are they correct? Forbes estimated that she collected around $42 million last year, and apparently that number is high enough to make the feds take notice. While cavorting around Brazil for Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Gisele told the local press (in her native Portuguese, no less) "I was audited in the US because of these lists. Sincerely, if I'm on top of the rankings or not, I don't care either way." You hear that bank-account listicle writers? The urban dictionary translation reads: "stop snitching."

[via Fashionista]