The TLC show America's Worst Tattoos exists to highlight (and correct) people's awful tattooing decisions, but it goes way beyond tramp stamps and homages to ex-girlfriends. The people on the often have sob stories about some pretty messed up stuff that they've done or have gone through, they share, and they get a colorful new piece of ink to cover up the bad memories. Before the happy endings, though, the audience is treated to some epically bad ink, like these pieces on Dirk of Seattle, Washington.

One bad tattoo is unfortunate, but Dirk managed to pull off the trifecta. He has a tat of a dinosaur eating a hambone on his chest with his nipple as the center of the bone, one of his nipples has been inked black, and there is a sausage on his thigh with one foot that has been lynched, and those are just the tattoos they showed in the preview video! We're not sure what kind of drugs he and his old tattoo artist were on when they sat down for these, but we want no part of it. Cali-based artist Jeremy Swan will attempt to work magic on Dirk's cover-up pieces, but really anything would be an improvement.

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[via Metro