Known for his murals of egg headed humans and curious critters that have decked walls from Amsterdam to New York, Zed 1 recently took his works inside Galo Art Gallery located in Turin, Italy.

Unlike his public pieces, however, the works in his latest solo exhibition "Frutti Della Mente" were done on found objects like old windows, doors, scrap wood, and old posters. While working on these paintings, Zed 1 would base the composition and color palette of each piece on the shape, color, or texture of the material at hand. Also on view at Galo Art Gallery is a new piece from Zed 1's Second Skin series, which incorporate both painting and paste ups.

While many of his works on display at the Italian gallery are playful and charming, there's also something disturbing about some of his Salvador Dalí-reminiscent pieces. Zed 1, who left a mural of a rat giving birth to a human when he visited New York back in September, is not all fun. Oftentimes, his works touch on political and social issues. Click through to see some of the works from Zed 1's latest show.

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