Wow, Feit brought out a really complicated manufacturing process for their new trainers. Like most expensive trainers, you can't actually wear these to train in, but you can wear them to stunt in. And let's be honest, being a little chubby whilst wearing shoes you normally would work out in is v on trend for S/S 14 and beyond. If I knew more about sneakers I'd make a comment about how the all-natural rubber sole is reminiscent of another more famous sneaker, but I don't want to spend the time Google Image searching that nonsense to make sure my comparison is wholly accurate. Instead, I'm gonna tell you about how the latex rubber used in these sneakers alone goes through a four step, two week process before they're even ready to be applied to the sneakers. And, sure, all that shit is cool and whatnot, but really this sneaker is all about that leather heal tab. Like all Feit runs, this is pretty limited, so hurry up and give them $400 if you're feeling the vibes.