The menswear world has Pitti Uomo, but for the horological geeks there’s Baselworld. Here you can find all the watches you ever wanted in one place. For this years 2014 show, Versace descended like Gods from Mount Olympus and unveiled two new lavish timepieces under the V-Signature and Versus Versace lines.

The first is laced with classic Versace symbols. Greek key motifs round the rose gold bezel, and the Medusa head takes the number 12’s place on the dial. Strap them on in your choice of black or white patent leather. Your second option is the equally magnificent “Ibiza to America” model for the Versus Versace line. The yellow gold on black leather watch includes details like safety pins, studs, and a lion’s face on the dial. Stunt like a style demigawd amongst swag lords when you rock these on your wrist.